ive got you

People say, I’m just a, stupid little girl, in a, big bad world, but I know, that I’m not, because I’ve got you, I’ve got you now.                                                                     

 Every morn’, I woke up, with the tears in my eyes, but then, play pretend, so that they, couldn’t see, the pain in me.

 But what they don’t know, what they don’t know: I’ve been beaten down and broken beyond repair! But I don’t care, no, I don’t care…

              I’ve got you now! (got you now)

 People said, that, I’d never make a difference, in others lives. To shut up, just give up, and for what? Their never gonna ever, control me.

 Because I don’t care, what they say, doesn’t matter to me, doesn’t matter to me, now. I’ve bled from cuts I’ve made myself!

         I’m a freak and proud! (a freak and proud)

You’ve made me, into me, and I’ll never, ever forget you, now. They’ve watched me cry, glee in their eyes, but you lent your hand, helped me, up!

 You’ve seen my scars, didn’t judge, took me in, and been, my friend. I’ve always had your shoulder when I cried, and you’ll always have mine.

            You’ve got me! (got me)

You got me, because I’ve got you, you’ve got me because I got you.

                            I, got, you, NOW!

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phsyco wolf sister

its supposed to be more of a song than a poem. sorry.

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