I've Got Time in My Viens

I've got time in my viens

and aches in my knees

I've got sore calves

and thick thighs

and pale feet.


I've got strong legs

that go for miles

That can climb hills

better than any boy

I've ever seen.


I've got a watch

the beep as it starts

signals some sign

sets my heart a flame

and blood racing.


I've got a team

pulled around me

encouraging and strong

edging me forward with each bound

tugging me on my path to glory.


I have a Runner's Pride racing through me.

A rush of enorphins that sing out

A Circle dance that will start again

A feeling of family

of something ancient and old rushes through me


I've got time in my veins

and my ancestors in each step

carrying me further

and further out

until I reach the end of time and stop my watch.



I've got time in my veins.



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