I've Got the Fire

December 22, 2017

Dear Soccer, 


In the locker room the flame is lit

Putting on the official game kit

Pre game is all about the vision

At this point I’ve made the decision

To put away my fears and thoughts

For my mind is a canvas of snapshots

Where to pass and where to play

The fans all know I’m gonna slay


On the field I have the fire

Winning is my only desire

Because losing I hate more

Than even my mentor

On the field is where I’m fearless

Though the other team is vicious

bruises, bumps, scrapes, and scars

Some say I’m out here shooting for the stars

But if this is my hope, my dream, and my passion

I’m left with high satisfaction

From all the energy I spent

Out on the training pitch bent

Over from the 120s and suicides

Even working out on the hillsides


So thank you Soccer Gods for giving me skill

It’s what all started this thrill

Then you gave me drive, strength, and courage

That all my school teachers tend to discourage

Because I’m gone school days and most weekends

Just so my dreams do not bend

 With love, Kayla Klipsch

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