I've Got Fangs Now


The city street is their territory

And we are their prey.

I used to not mind it so much.

Their stares.

And their piercing howls.

In fact, I thought it was a compliment.  

Walking through the undergrowth

As they bared their teeth

And pursed their lips

To whistle at me.

A call of mating and admiration.

Wolves howled at the moon to praise its beauty


So how could I be dismissive of such call?

I was their moon.

I wanted to be their moon...

But it didn’t take me long

To realize that they weren’t fawning over my dedicated fur

Or comparing me to the beauty of the moon

But rather my flesh…

My meat.

And well...that made all the difference.

Predators on the street I used to adore

With their smoldering eyes and moist lips

That praised me for my long legs

And curving waist.

Wanting to know where I was going.

And if I would smile back.

Foolish little me...I thought they asked me to smile to see if I had fangs too.

But now…

Predators on the street look starving

Ribs poking through a fur of gruesomeness.

Bloodshot eyes and dry bleeding lips

Growling at my body

Foaming in anger as I refuse to answer them.

It took all too long for me to realize that it wasn’t curiosity they seeked.

But meat

That’s all they wanted.

All they saw me as.

I was just a flesh of meat.

Something they could just find and feast.

Barely a human

Not even a person….

Prey I was then

And prey I may still be

But I’ve got fangs now

And they’re far sharper than their teeth.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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