I don’t know what’s racing in your mind,
Probably thats the riddle I should find,
I don’t know who I am in your life,
But I know you are my to be wife,
I don’t know what to conclude for your silence,
Probably Its teaching me some patience.

There is this kiss that I miss,
This bliss So nice,
There is this hug that makes me nag,
This warmth you bring forth,
The soothing look,
When your face is brightened,
Under the crescent moon.

I feel how much you’ve scratched my interior,
I feel the dance of my soul,
The pumping of my heart,
The blood flow in my veins,
My pulses are like the early drops of the rains,
It just touches me more to fall in love,
With the same person again and again.

I don’t want what we shared be called memories,
Just revive them daily to newer glories,
Who we are is the best of love stories,
Somehow we’ll prove that true love exists.

I don’t know what to add,
It is in this joy that I’ve been made glad,
Or maybe mad,
You know,
Those things that make you crazy,
But not lazy,
That make you abnormal,
Yet normal?
Am that mind stirred,
Not knowing how to express,
For my happiness i can’t suppress,
Hiding it will make me a hypocrite.

I’ve seen you asleep,
And wanted to slip and taste your lip,
I’ve seen you awake,
And wanted the taste of passion in your lake,
I’ve seen you bored and worried,
And wanted to bear your all when we married,
In those daydreams, its you that I carried.

I pray to win your trust,
To give you a love that can’t rust,
To dig dipper than the earth’s crust,
For you are that treasure that shall forever last,
I love you as my first,
Caring for you is no choice but a MUST.

©2017, DMN MUCHUI. I


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