Its what you see in the bathroom mirror

Many people hide their face in the bathroom mirror

They dab a little bit of this and a add a litle bit of that and they just created a mask

We try to prove ourselves and others that we are this beautiful flawless queen

Little do we all know, we are actually not being seen.

Why can't we wake up and accept the creation that god already painted for us?

Are we trying to paint this pretty picture for his eyes or us?

Is it so we can love ourselves or have the love of a man?

Look in the bathroom mirror when you wake up and you will see a queen

Add that mask to your face and you will not be trully seen

We won't be awed because you're beautiful

We will be awed because your masked creation is beautiful

Don't get me wrong, you are already beautiful 

but how will we know, Its already too covered up

What you see in the bathroom mirror is already a beautiful flawless queen

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