It's tough to let go, and brave to stay

Robin Williams was one with a heart-warming smile

A comedian, an actor, a warrior

Robin Williams was my supermodel

He was my hero

The only one who could make me smile


Lee Thomspon Young, an amazing young actor

He strived to do his best with bipolar disorder

And depression 

He didn't have any aggression

But he did star in Rizzoli and Isles


It's hard to let go

Whether it's by a single shot

That becomes a fatal plot

Or by rope

With no hope


It's hard to let go

Of mental illness 

Like depression

Or medical afflictions

Like Parkinson's


It's hard to let go

Of the good moments

It's also hard to stay

For the bad souvenirs


But if you think about it

There are people out there

Who care about you

And if you die

Then they'll always live with a flame

That won't go out


It's hard to let go

It's brave to stay

It's your choice

But remember that someone out there

cares about you

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