It's Time

Tue, 08/04/2015 - 06:20 -- lprovo

It's Time


You choose my fate, you forged my path,

By no choice I was consumed by your sickening wrath.


And when the darkness came and blackened my eyes,

The rest of my life filled with betrayal and lies.


When I cried and begged for you to make it stop,

You ignored my tears and left my soul there to rot.


So souless I am, hateful thoughts fill my head,

Because you watched from above as I laid there and bled.


AGAIN AND AGAIN! You must have said,

Because not once! not twice! You let them lay me to bed.


You took all I had, everything I dreamed of for me,

This is all your fault, I blame you and I want the world to see.


So I banish you gone from the rest of my life,

And i'll live in content, no anguish or strife.


Your evil I confront, and relanquish from my heart,

This is MY new beginning, MY letting go, MY brand new start.


My heart will heal but it will not forgive,

I'll move forward each day.... and a new life I shall live.






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