"Its Starts Within"

I would change prejudice in to peace

Allowing anyone who dares to be different to be praised, for staying true to themselves 

Not letting society decide their fate in this journey called life

Too many people lamenting on what others think and say

Unable to realize there is always sunshine after the rain, and everyday is a new day and with that comes change.

Words cut deep so think before you speak

For every cause there is an effect, with one change all things change

Maybe I want to change the way we treat each other

The world has turned us into heartless creatures, filled with rancor and digust for one another

Causing us to turn our backs on Undercover Angels, and those in need

We are too self asborbed to be grateful for the little things in life

Blinded by materialistic things, sad but true

My change will start with me the person I see when I look in to the mirror



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