It's A Small Price To Pay

Though I’ll grieve and fall apart when you go,
It’s a small price to pay for meeting you.
If my ears won’t hear your sweet words again,
I’ll never forget the sound of your voice.
And if this is the last time you’ll kiss me,
I’ll always remember the sweetness of your lips.
Our romance will end tomorrow morning,
And I’ll lose the thrill of your womanly charm.
But I’m still glad that I fell in love with you.

Though I’ll miss you and my heart will break,
I’ll pay the price for making love to you.
If we didn’t start this temporary relationship,
I’d never behold the beauty of your smile.
And I’d never know the warmth of your embrace.
We’ll go our separate ways after tonight.
I need you and I wish you could stay with me.
But I’d rather taste your love and lose you
Than never had the chance to love you this way.


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