Its Not Fair

Of all the billions of people 

He chose me

He made me love him

He made me trust him

He made me believe I could get better

He listened, he did not judge me

He fixed me

We dreamed of a life together

Marriage, children, careers

All of it meant nothing to him

He broke me... again

Its not fair

The pain is unbearable

Me chest exploded into a million tiny peices

I would not have expected him to understand

But this pain affected him too

He hurt... so much hurt, why?

Why, why does he hurt so mcuh

Why does that make my chest constrict worse

He was hurting and that cut even deeper

This is real.. it should not be real

Maybe its not, maybe its a dream

Maybe its only a dream

Its not fair 

Its Not fair

Its Not Fair

Its just not fair....


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