It's more than that..


Days of silence make diamonds and

Memories pierce my brain like a bullet.

Gazing into chestnut eyes,

Compassionate fingers caress my inner palms,

A first kiss that meant nothing … and everything.

Tingles down my spine, goose bumps on my forearm

Why do you tempt me?

Is it because when you smile, my heart skips across the mahogany lily pads of your irises?

Is it because your lips taste as sweet as skittles and I like skittles so I kiss you again… and again… and again until your lips are just plain sweet because you’re a gentleman?

Is it because your hands stretched past mine and that at any moment, you could rupture the foundation, the danger every girl wants but causing my personal 9/11?

But I was born on September 8th

A summer baby but so close to autumn that as I grow older, my body hollows;

Sapling tears roll to my roots showing all of me that I've been hiding from the world.

Why? I tell you but you're perfect so you won't understand.

You have dreams that surpass the sky, moon and stars. Me too..

You have sociable skills that will take you to infinity and beyond. I want to..

You have confidence that is held deep within your breast that you raised high as you bellow out your lioness roar. I can only dream to..

You have kindness that branches off, always finding the Sun

To be burned over… and over… and over again

Will you ever learn that the Sun will never be monogamous?

She burns black, a parasite

You can barely ever make amends;

Battling with a devil that carries the key to your chest locked by My Angel

My precious, a leech with the stain custom of his love

I want to help but you won't let me…

So why do you entice me?

Is it because when it rains and droplets catch your cheek, I place my hands gently upon your brows to remove any bad thoughts?

Is it because no matter what you go through with her, I will be standing behind you with open arms, waiting for an embrace you and I both know will never come?

Maybe it's because I love you and every time you tell me you “love me” I take in what you said rather than what it meant because we both know you always love her eternally..

Why do you taunt me?

Because my walls have been reduced to a single particle of debris, a minute ember floating on the gentle breath of the winds;

Now, I am nothing but the heart that resides on my abused sleeve, beating to the rhythm of your tenor.

But I hate you right now, I hate myself more.

I let you in so close that the harshness of your voice could shatter my fragile soul.

But then, you catch me with a limb across a crowded hall,

Pulling me in to get drunk off your sentiment,

Making me forget that YOU broke me.



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