It's Up to Me?

It's up to me?

I thought I was just here to be...

Why is everything changing so rapidly?

And I’m just thinking slowly

To myself of all these injustices

Happening daily in my life without notices.

I can't

I won't 

I shouldn’t let this continue...

Why can't they just approve that law?

Why do all the faces just stay in awe?

Can't they see what I am living with

It shouldn’t be a burden, it should be a myth.

Can't even get a license,

I have to fight for my defense

In a place I call home

Or should I call it a dome?

Separating me from the outside world

While I'm inside all twirled and whirled.

I can see the way my parents struggle

Yet all I can do is wait till we can snuggle

How  can he do that?

Why can she say that?

It’s only a plastic card

A simple sheet of paper keeping me on guard

I have to look out

I can’t speak with doubt

I just wish this was all a nightmare

That I can just wake up from

Have a fresh, new beginning

And finally yell “I’m staying!”  






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