It's a Maybe

It’s not a no, it’s not a yes, it’s a maybe.

I’m not mad at you for giving me that answer.

I understand, you are the teacher assistant, and I am only a student.

Next semester you said.

Meaning you are not graduating, meaning you will still be here.

Meaning we can still possibly hang out on the weekend.

I would really truly like that.

You didn’t crush my hope, but in a way made it grow some.

You are the first guy I have ever asked out, so I thank you for your maybe.

Before I asked you I thought, I’m not going to ask you,

Then I looked at you, and was like ‘Yep. Gotta ask him. Yep’

So I hope next semester the maybe will turn into a yes.

Even if we just hang out and never date, that would make me happy,

because I think your pretty awesome.


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