It's Just Me

Today it's a common as water,
Found in most teenagers living in this era.
Depression runs in my family.
My mom, my sister, me.
My mom overcame it
My sister is complicated,
Then there's me.
Just me.
Everyone tells depressed people to get help and to ask for it.
So why havent I gotten help yet if I always ask for it?
My mom is a mom who has favorites:
My oldest sister and youngest brother.
Whenever I try talking to her about whats wrong with me,
She turns away and says it's just me trying to get attention.
Just me trying to be like my sister.
Just me wanting pity.
Just me being lazy.
But what she doesnt understand is her not helping me is killing me.
Ive studied what happens when one dies,
Whether it's a suicide or homicide, the family's the one cleaning up the mess left behind.
The only reason I am alive today is the fact that I dont want my family to clean up my blood and erase their memories of me.
Also, I dont have the ladyballs to do it just yet.
My moms says im using depression as a way to get attention from others.
But what she doesnt realize is that
It's Just Me

This poem is about: 
My family


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