It's just high school.

Don't judge me for who I am

At least I know who I am

and what I want to be.

You used to dream big

and were my inspiration

now you live life below the radar

you judge everyone for being out there.

I may be tough but I am also a girl

I like to shop at 'girly stores'

get my hair and nails done

or do them myself.

I like being a girl and know who I am

I will live life and let others know who I am

and what I want to be

I wont let my condition right now mess with what I will do.

Stop judging me for who I am

for what I do

and what I will be.

You need to take a look at your life

before judging mine.

I may mispronounce or misspell words

but it doesn't mean I am dumb or

wrong, it messed or even weird

It means I am human.

You are too,



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