It's Important to me

 Where I'm from everybody strugglin

Rap music, sports, and the latest shoes seems to be the only thing important

If you not dead or in jail

You somewhere soakin in your own poison

It's not cool to be smart so you a rather continue to struggle



Everyday I turn on the news I see negativity surrounding my "color"

They refuse to interview the doctors, public icons, and sucessful lawyers

They a rather interview the ones to help prove their accusations

They say we too dumb for college and how we a never make it

Time after time we prove them wrong but what do we have to show for it

I'm tired of the negative opinions about my color


It's crazy because when somebody we love die the first person we call on is Jesus

But he only see us worship for easter

Maybe on New Years, Only time majority of  us step into a church is for a funeral


I know we face racial injustice everyday

but part of the reason is because we degrade ourselves everyday

The music we play makes their opinions valid in the worse way


Yes, I'm black

No I don't steal

Of course I am a product of where I live

That don't make me less then you

We all facing a different struggle I'm just glad

I dont resemble the shit I been through


How can we expect the police to spare our life

When we quick to shoot each other block up all night

 We quick to yell "stop the violence" when a officer murders us

But when it's hood related shooting is alright

I guess because a black murdered a black

it's alright

You may dont give a fuck about humanity

but it's important to me






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