Its him

I soak in your spirit during the day
It lingers on my skin all night
Running from your words I take flight
But they beg me to stay
Despite my better thought
I dwell in your pain
Memories remain on my shirt, stained
And then, i know I am caught
Chasing waterfalls and the calmness its brought
I stand and you drip from my thighs
It feels so good to be lifted
What freedom is, Damn I really missed it
I turn around and you're still there to my surprise
Following you into deep seas and closed eyes
What will you do when I'm gone
No one to bring down, no one to bring along
You rain on my parade
And during the clearest day
The relationship between us; just love and hate
You pour through my fingers, when I thought I got you
And you tell me that I ain't ever had you
Your condensation is for the world I see
For someone special; that's not me
I step over your puddles, just to get wet
Maybe it's not the things you do but the things I let

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My community



La tarde

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