It's Hard to Write a Poem

It's hard to write a poem,

I don't know how it goes.

The words are there but,

It's hard for me to let them flow.

It's hard to write a poem.

I have so much to say,

About how I'm sick and tired and hurt

In most of every way.

It's hard to write a poem

When there's an endless stream of words.

How could I write a poem?

This shit is for the birds.

I'm depressed and I'm hollow and I'm hungry and tired.

The pain in my body keeps me going, keeps me wired.

There's no time to write a poem, suck it up, get shit done.

It's too hard to write a poem, I need to write THOUSANDS, not just one.

So I started to write some poems,

And the words, all  the sudden, they flew.

I could write a poem,

And it's something I should do.

It's hard to write a poem,

But it's easy to speak your mind.

At least on paper, that's what I think.

Just start with a line...


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