its funny its funny

oh its funny, its funny

what little we know

what dreamings we dream

what reapings we sow


thoughts of old lifestyles

get lost in bad sense

time used up like newspaper

one day and its spent


i find it quite funny

that we drown out whats best

white noise fills our stations

till we're finally at rest


as life passes by us

and waves as we mope

we turn to familiar

and hug on to hope


hope for a bit more

one more than years past

just one silly bean plant

just a single ale flask


a raise of a dollar

or another won race

just one, nothing better,

its a comfortable pace 


one more this

one more that

are all that we asked..


and all we recieved,

let the rest goes to waste

such a small piece of puzzle

is all that was placed


the big picture's still fuzzy

and there is no more sound

we've untuned the antenna

sine waves on the ground


how silly of us, then

to say we know what is best

yet to say we know otherwise

was God's greatest test!


oh its funny, its funny

what little we've known

what dreamings we've dreamt

what reapings we've sown


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