It's Dark



It’s dark, sad,

And a little lonely at times.

I try to write and listen to music for pastimes

But that doesn’t always work when

The darkness is suffocating,

The the silence is deafening,

And thoughts are overwhelming.

The longer it last, it feels like the body

Is just a mechanism,

Working automatically

With no thinking necessary.  

Crying for no reason,

Tired all the time,

Excessive loneliness.

But it’s okay, right?

I mean eventually it goes away.

The mind feels a little released,

The silence is unnoticeable,

And the light shines.

You move more intentionally,

Thinking of the things you want to do,

Places you want to go.

Maybe that’s why it’s easier to pretend,

Because at least it won’t last forever.

I hope that one day, someone will be there

So, the hard times aren’t so hard

And the bright times are brighter.

Until then, I’ll push along, hoping for the day.


  • ev gaither

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