It's Coming Around the Corner

It's coming around the corner,

The corner on 13th street.

Shuffling and scuffling along

on its heavy and weakened feet.


It's coming down the sidewalk,

twitching and swaying in the night.

A low growl in the silent air echos

as its huge figure destroys the moonlight.


It's coming up my door,

silently ticking at the frame.

Then the rapping turned to banging,

and down the doorway came.


It's coming up the stairs,

panting out a toxic breath,

Pawing at the fragile walls

and coming cloaked in inevitable death.


It's coming into my bathroom,

where I hide shivering in dispair.

Its mighty body slams into door

finally striking a meaty claw in the air.


He came back out of the house,

blood soaked across his fist.

I lay there broken in the head,

as my husband fades into the mist.


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