It's Cold Outside

Tue, 10/18/2016 - 16:24 -- 1001635

It's cold outside

My fingers are starting to numb

My heartbeat is slowing down

At this time

It's late at night

My eyes are starting to run

The time is passing me by

And I try

I try to reach out to you

Won't you give me some room

Won't you save me soon

It's cold outside

I don't know what to do

What's wrong with you or I

Are we just passing the time

It's cold outside

and my hands are growing colder

My bodies shivering

I'm waiting for you, for what  

I'm not sure 

How would you help

Could you bring me back to life

Could you stop the shivering

Could you turn back time

Before the cold

but it's cold outside

I don't know what to do

I could go inside

but I'm outside for you

I keep on, keep on waiting

My body keeps on shaking

as the hours go by

It's cold outside

Why can't I think clearly

or go inside to warm

My eyes have stopped running 

but my nose starts again

You could warm me up

Or show me that you care

That I'm not just some chore

You check me off somewhere

You could tell me that I'm yours

Remind me why you're mine

You could show me that you love me

and that could make me warm

You could take me inside

lead me to the way

So I won't feel so lost

sitting here all day

I'm not tired, I'm just chilly

the air is getting cold

I'm trying to stay still

It's cold outside

Do you know I want you to come?

Back to see me now

Not tomorrow or sometime

Not the next day or the next?

But when you drove away

to just come back again

I'm so cold without you

and my hands are getting numb

Am I waiting for a reason

or are my reasons just dumb

It's cold outside

but I still think that you're coming

To shoo the cold away

To take me in your arms

and make it all okay

How could I act so hopeless

How could my eyes still leak

Why would they even do that

My mind is feeling weak

Why would I care so much

For someone not my own

For someone not my family

Have I put you on a thrown

It's cold outside

and I don't think you're coming

but I still want to wait

I want you to come see me

to put this day behind

It's cold outside

Or is it me

I went inside to change

I only took my shoes off 

and came back anyway

I'm thinking of to shower

and come and wait some more

I know it must be strange

That I'm right outside my door

I didn't want to have to ask

I wanted you to know

I think you had come back

it would have shown you cared

We could have started over

Like that day part wasn't there

but I have your number

Sitting in my hand

and suddenly you call me

to say the day hasn't gone as planned

but that the day is over

and you're takling in my hand

I still want to see you

To stay up just some more

To end this day right

When it feels like it's so wrong

It's cold outside

and I've come to sit some more

sitting on the patio

right outside the door

I've finally texted you a question

I wanted you to ask

but I know that you're tired

and I don't want to drive some more

so I would come to you

and sit outside your door

but I feel like you won't answer

Or you'll fall asleep

Or you might show up

which is what I had wanted

but now I want something else

All those times you've kept me up

All those times I stayed pass one

and now you are too tired

For me for just this one

For me to come to you

to be knocking at your door

Just to warm up

I know you've been up for hours

I'm trying to understand

and now I think you're through

Answering my messages

and reaching the phone with your hand

I've stopped shivering 

I could stand the cold

If it meant that you were here

If I had waited for a reason

I just want you to answer

I just want to see your face

but just answer either way

because it's fucking cold outside

and I'm sitting here like a dork

Like a love-struck idiot

waiting for her man

Like there was just a spider

Like I want to hold his hand

Like simple things I would need him

I just don't want to feel upset

and I don't know what to do

I don't want to go to sleep

I want to drive to your house

but it's getting so late

I might be coming to my senses

It's several texts too late

I wish I was clearer sooner

of how it'd be too late

I have to wake up early

but caffeine would be my cure

and the day wouldn't have ended

with me waiting by my door

But I don't think that he's coming

But I can't be sure

and I don't want to be crying

If he shows up at my door

He's already gone to sleep

He would've seen the text already

Why wouldn't he just respond

Do I have to ask for answers

When I thought I asked a question

It's cold outside

and the cold can't give me answers

but I think that you're not coming

so I'm entering the door

I won't see him tomorrow

the next day or the next

All I had was this night

but he didn't get my text

On the inside I'm still cold

and my feet are feeling strange

I'm afraid to take a shower

on the off chance that he's changed

that he'd show up at my door

and I won't be there waiting

I hate this hesitating

and there's no sleep in sight

I'm not even tired

and it's not that late at night

Maybe he doesn't know

Maybe I didn't tell him

That I won't see him tomorrow

Or later that day

Or the next when he's done school

Or the time after that

Or the day after time 

because I'll be busy

or be spiteful

Now he texts me he won't stay late

Now he says that he's not coming

I'm not going back out there

The day is done and over

and I still feel ill

and now I feel so cold

I should have just drove over

and composed myself

Not have given him a choice

Not having not have known

Not have waiting at my door

but I realize I'm still waiting

just not outside my door

and over a few feet

Laying on the floor

It's cold outside

and I know it's getting late

I just wanted him to try

To turn around this day

It's cold outside

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