It's a Business...

America: Home of the free? I think not.

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the sick get sicker.

Our government has screwed up priorities,

so quick to fly troops overseas to assists other nations,

being too damn busy to help it's own people.


The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the sick get sicker.

The number of mental health facilities decrease as the dollars in corrections go up.

Jails are overcrowding. Taxes are on the rise. The rich get richer.

Prison is a business, a money making machine.

Housing PER INMATE paid by NYC taxpayers last year: $167,000.


Benny Anthony is a schizophrenic. He heard voices.

The voices told him Osama Bin Laden was in a house,

so Bennie tried to break into the home to kill Bin Laden.

Bennie was delusional. The devil was talking to him,

At least when he was off of his meds.


Bennie recycles in and out of jails for decades.

Each time arrested, he is out of his mind.

Each time arrested, he is sent away with these items:

50 dollars, a month's worth of meds, and a "good luck son."


The sick get sicker. Bennie needs a support system.

He needs assistance with living within society.

He needs assistance with how to make and keep doctor appointments.

He needs assistance with finding housing and employment.


Many of the mentally ill who recycle in and out of the system don't have family.

Many become homeless, are delusional, and sometimes suicidal.

Instead of prison being a business for the rich to get richer,

money should be funded into more mental health institutions.


What happened to rehabilitation?

What happened to qualified personnel who are trained to help the mentally ill?

What happened to America: the land of the free?

Prisons are the new asylums because of greed, what America is based on.

Funding had to be cut, why not the mental health sector right?

Overcrowding in prisons, the corrections system is a business.

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the sick get sicker.



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