It's All Up To You To Live


United States
25° 48' 37.8648" N, 80° 12' 15.2784" W

It's all about you son, it's all about you,
To snag up some assests you can use for school,
You don't want to be homeless I can't afford what's due,
So show me what that 4 point 4 GPA can do,

It's all up to bro it's all up to you,
Be quick, be tactful, came to far to lose,
On a bright day you'll win, don't give up too soon,
And when the day comes, thank friends for their spoons,

It's all up to you love it's all up to you,
Hearing your strong ambitions done made my heart flew,
You say success is close and I see that boat too,
No genes of shame, that's why I chose you,

It's all up to you poet it's all up to you,
It's all up to you, Power poetry needs clues,
Who's going to win that prize? Such a feud we'd choose two,
Stay sight strong young poet, best of luck goes to you,

Character uncanny, how long must I prove?
God has birthed dedication no man can undo,
Home bricks on my shoulders and these words still soothe:
It's all up to me, to miss doom and shoot free.


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