It's All of Our Business

It’s none of your business!

Interjected quickly and often,

Becomes an all too familiar sound

But those five words can’t soften,

Your violent background


How many times inside,

Can you fall through walls and doors?

How long can you hide,

Broke bones, bruises and sores?


Life can lose all meaning,

For abusers who accidentally kill

Without sound mind and reasoning,

More loved ones blood may spill


If he beats you to death,

Your family can be in danger

Inhaling your last breath,

As hindsight points it’s finger


Cold answering walls of silence,

Your family is sure to hear

Knowing your death by violence,

Will confirm their worst fears


Domestic violence is only a precursor,

Of unspeakable horrors to come

From these potential murderers,

You must learn to run!


Don’t wait to late,

At first hint of severe obsession

Hurry with great haste,

Before he traps you with deception


With the Creator as your guide,

You’ll find lost self-esteem

Reach down deep inside,

Fulfill your independence dream


Get to safety first,

Or your life a family may lose

Dear Mother, Sister or Nurse,

God doesn’t want you misused

Those men face the Lord’s curse,

When you are abused


Author’s Note:

It’s my hope to inspire women to identify bad relationships and encourage them to leave before they lose their dignity, or much worse: the lives of their loved ones or themselves. You are never responsible for the criminal behavior of others who physically abuse you or your children. Please seek help.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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