it's all in my brain

I awaken new fantasies when I close my eyes

Imagination and reality seem nearly the same

I fly until sunrise and then wake to realize

It was all happening in my brain


It feeds on oxygen and grants life in return

Such a complex device earns so much respect

The yearning to protect my body is concerned

Directly with my intellect


I trust that my hypothalamus will remind me to drink

Sinking and bawling when the unknown calls

But in the blink of an eye, and ideas that I think of

Enlighten me as they spin in my skull


I hear many noises, but I fight distraction

I see many hues, mixing blues, yellows, reds

The softness on my skin causes a reaction

Sent from the stimuli straight to my head


I decide what’s important and what has irrelevance

I balance and grow in ways undefined

My experience and knowledge expand my intelligence

The contents are all in my mind


My morals are set and my mindset is stable

Society focuses on the idea of perfection

I do my best with the exception of not being able

But it all has to do with perception


So many feelings and thoughts and emotions

It’s a race between pleasure and pain

Life is an incessant cycle of motion


And it’s all happening in my brain

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