But it's all just a game


I played a game.

A game of lies.

A game of insults.

A game of harrassment.

A game of theft.

A game of punches.

A game of drugs.

A game of assault.

A game of crime.

A game of murder.

A game of terror.

A game of rape.

A game of hatred.

A game of societal destruction.


"But it's all just a game!" 

The liars exclaim.


Imagine if the thieves

The harassers

The drug lords

The murderers

The terrorists

The rapists

The supremacists

All exclaimed,

"But it's all just a game!"


Life is not a game

With a silly afterlife to run off to.

Life is rough

Because people pretend

That it's not worth fixing.


I played a game.

The game of life.

The game is over.

There is no game.

Only life.

Make wise choices.

Don't be the one who exclaims,

"But it's all just a game!"


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