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Angwan Hausawa Tudun Wada Jos,Plateau State Nigeria I'm an upcoming writer hail from Jos, Plateau State Plateau State Nigeria. I'm a 500 level student nurse from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Nigeria. I love reading, writing, watching movies or listening to great music.

How can I ever refrain from
Memories of our school age days
Days when our world was wild
I remember the anthem of claps
And the rhymes in our voices
The care free of our minds
Ready pen knowledge down
I remember those days when
I want to have some good laughs
I remember holes on the back
Of our shabby shorts
And of our sack woven bags
I remember our white faces
Our parch noses and crack lips
Howling in the harmattan season
It was good while it lasted long
Our grandeur for breaking rules
And our group of noise making
Times we skip classes for streams
It was easy to leap out the window
Easy to write vulgar names on board
Remember names of our stern teachers
Who talk with end of their whips
I remember our cunning tricks
Of wearing double shirt and shorts
To lessen the pain of slashing whips
I remember our chortle laugh and cries
Both occurring at the same times
There were days worth remembering
Days I borrowed books without return
Days we spent stealing on farms
And of our cruelty to animals
I remember how easy it was
For us to keep growing up with
Our fine haircuts and dreadlocks
How easy to fall in love while young
And easy to walk out on love
I remember times of our liberty
When we revenged our frog jumps
And bullied on others children too
When I remember the memories
Of our enthused moments
Moments of our livid childhoods
Nobody thought about the future
And of what to become
Now that we were through
With our experiences
Some were gone forever
And others were lost in time

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