Its all badd

Its all badd

The pain I feel builds kills the back of my subconscious its all bad
Sadness feels my chest trying to digest the pain its all badd
Its a chain something that runs Thur my veins its all badd
I think about all the past days how the sun shined without the pain pressure gained its all badd
Its flaming my heart so its starts paining my chest its all badd
Tears caress rounding my eyes its all badd
Stress causes my eyes to leak heart to beat fast its all badd

Tryna keep from doing something I dont mean its all badd
A stream of tears gears me to Wanna be held like like a child its all badd
Just wanna be assured that everything going to be alright its all badd
Trying to reframe my brain from running off the train tracks and end up doing something I ll regret its all badd
Yet feeling like this life is to hectic getting rejected feelin like its no reason to keep tryna catch it its all badd
Tryna scratch it its not worth it I'm not perfect but thinking dont know what will happen if I go threw with this its all badd
I'm love whether im up or down tryna wipe a frown away swaying my mind still tears thoo when I think about my fears over the years how far I come how I still have yet to yield still I never forget whos watchin my angel in the clouds is my reminder........its not all badd

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