It'll renew itself


I am skeptical of norms

In my household

I couldn’t bring myself to become included

in a lifestyle of submissiveness

Religion unveiled itself as distant in my life

It ultimately became a Great Awakening

for me


I am not looking for a generic difference

Between you and me

Just wonder why’s it normal

To closet yourself

Stay in passive activity for years

And shed off the moment you had to prove yourself


I decide to move away from being the

Proverbial teenager

I am not trying to get rid of everything in society

Or Recite every word that Immanuel Kant said

I am just attempting to ward of  ridiculous

stressors in life

Being cliche for me

Is a necessity in life

The constant mentioning of living in a

Utopian society

Steers me into a path of resistance

I am your cliche teenager

Who is idealistic

Tends to grasp unto an idea

Live it out

Throw it out

The exoskeleton that has

A waxy substance called “my ideas”

No longer will be there

I am evolving from

Wanting to change you

To not allowing you to change me

At the end of all

I am skeptical of the norms

That you have



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