She goes on an endless journey

to feel the essence of living.

She encounters a barrier

that is tough and stout.

She tries to jump over it,

though it doesn’t work.

She turns around to find the other way,

though two ways come across each other.

She decides to fight against the hurdle.


It isn’t a piece of cake.


She ends up being along,

No one cheers her on.

Perhaps her fighting appearance is unseemly.

She tries to give up to live along with her old people.

No one cares where she has been.

Perhaps being alone herself isn’t a big deal for them.


She is independent,

She is mature

thanks to the way she has been coming through.

She is clairvoyant

unlike anyone else who has been at the same place.


Her future is brightened up with sunshine.

The journey comes to the end with aesthetic and exquisite wrinkles.



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