Is it worse to fall in love?

Is it worse to fall in love?

Or to try your hardest not to love anymore?

Because lately, I’ve been leaning both ways

Trying to find enough will to stay awake

But who cares what I think

All I been feening is something to drink

You keep on asking me “Let’s link”

But can I trust you?

My hearts been broken too many times

Ripped apart while I snort these white lines

Nobody even asks me if I’m fine

And honestly, if they did

I would probably lie

And they still would believe me 

With tears in my eyes

I’m begging and begging

Please let me die

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to fly

To be up in the air

To breathe in the blue sky

My days are laid to waste 

Sitting in this dark room

Reminiscing about all the times I had with you

Me and you

We stuck like glue

And with you

I didn’t ever feel blue

Trust me on this one thing

My love for you will always be true

So even if I can’t have you

I will still keep on breathing

Just know that you were the only reason

Why does it feel like I committed treason

Baby, without you in my arms I feel freezing

I miss you so much my heart hurts without your touch

My blankets still smell like you

When I sleep I get a rush

The only way I can make it through the day

Is by smoking some kush

Every time I try to find you

My heart says hush

Will, I ever get you back?

Will you hold on to our love?

That’s the question that runs through my head

My life is just a blur of

What I’ve had and what I’ve lost

But you

You were the only loss that’s stuck

So tell me

Is it worse to fall in love? 

Or to try your hardest not to love anymore?


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beautiful I can heavily relate

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