It will never go away

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 14:32 -- jewelz


United States
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The nightmare began on Friday
The itching blisters crying
At first it was a rash
By Sunday it was urgent, not knowing who to turn to
Sick with a secret, just hoping I wasn’t dying
Crabs, the clap, HIV positive, it could be anything or nothing
If only I used the plastic. Why didn’t I get tested.
His fault, My fault, Our fault. It really didn’t matter.
My parents saw a smiling face, he only heard my sobbing.
The outside world saw a performer, talented on ice skates.
Another girl with no esteem, the doctors saw a statistic.
I am positive, I know it will be okay.
I am positive, it hurts to say.
The clap. It was a warning sign, but it will never go away.
STD’s are in hiding, these secrets here to stay.
Use a condom every time, just to be safe.

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