It will all be okay

It will all be okay At least that’s what they kept telling themselves As if our existence hadn’t shattered to a million pieces As if our smiles continued to reach our eyesNo, once the world stopped moving they were useless, hopelessWalking around in denial as if it somehow would save them Squandering hour after hour to some meaningless godsAnything to distract from the pain, they saidAnd all they do is hideGo on with their merry little days in their merry little housesAs if the floor isn’t falling out beneath them As the clock strikes, it pierces the desolate streets and deafening silence Twelve times it echoes through the ghost town they used to call home And just like every night, the whisper of a thousand ghosts hits my ear Desperately pleading, repeating the same phrase The only thing they have left in the world is those five fragile wordsIt will all be okay 

This poem is about: 
My country


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