It Wasn't My Fault


Can't say it was always physical, because there were other components involved

I remember his hand arcoss my face and my body to the wall

Tears streaming down my face blending with the blood

In  my mind, I'm thinking this cannot be love

But it was okay because he would apologize, right?

It was okay because we'd always make up later on that night

It was okay because I made him mad, it was my fault

At war with myself and at war with my love, both battles I lost

Although his fist packed a mighty blow, his words cut deeper

When we met, I just knew I had a keeper

Perhaps, my vision was blurred

Denying his past and taking his word

In his web, I was caught

In the ring, we fought

The ring of love, round for round

My body to the floor, I still hear the sound

With every memory, I still feel the pain

The pain that comes with sunshine, not only rain

I know now that it wasn't my fault

I left, so I won the battles that I once lost

I walked away, couldn't remain there

But in my heart the memories will stay and my story I will share


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