It Wasnt Her Fault.

She sat there waiting.

Waiting outside the school.

Her phone died and she had no contact with no one.

Her parents had to work late, they couldnt get a hold of her.

She started to walk home when a group of guys from her school stopped her.

They offered her a ride, she denied. 

One of them had gotten out, pulling her inside.

Tied her up, and kept her quiet.

It wasnt her fault.

They drove her to a dark ally and one stayed to keep look out.

It wasnt her fault.

They  gave her alcohol and druged her. 

She slowly faded into a deep sleep.

It wasnt her fault.

She jolted up when she felt the hands of men all over her.

She started to move, and tried to get lose.

She realized she was naked and had 3 men on her.

She was gone by that night

No longer the sweet innocent virgin girl.

She was the shy, depressed girl how was now a victim of rape.

It wasnt her fault.

She got teased about it at her school.

She could take it anymore.

She is gone.

It wasnt her fault. 



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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