It Was Never Meant to End with Me

It Was Never Meant to End with Me

By: Willow Valli Chiari

It was never meant to end with me

Energy coarsing fast and free

A circle, of vibrance alone in the sun

Came from more than just one

Pounding thrush of thinking gush

Thought, look, smile, breath

Sentiment, child, wish, test

Of course it was meant

To fester unfettered for falling and rolling and crashing

And ever

Bashing and breaking, stopping and snapping

Knowledge was meant for growing and glowing

From within the minds of all

From me to you, I from them

From me to we to them to she

Never ending, never not sending

Vibrations from thoughts

Yes’s to nots

Ins and outs

Roundy bouts

Fun and serious

We’re delirious

All the best are meant to test

The limits of this knowledge chest

One day can be more than a life for one soul to see

The connection that knowledge brings

From mind to mind to mind to springs

Of minds altogether congregating in perfect weather

Just to say hey there brain I’ve got a tasty thought

To Toss along your shore of conscious plot

I wanna ride your train today

Ever ever ever day

Along around above obey

My view

My point

My way

My way

Opinions clouded by single realities can never be what’s meant to be

We’re meant to see

All points on this reality

All views all courses

All snippety snappety 

Ways to mount

This crazy ride of knowledge tide

Through time to discover

Oh no good soul

Good riddance

To this selfish notion

Of mine is mine and yours is broken

Oh no, oh never, oh please let’s not

Pretend it was ever so ever

Meant to end with one severed whim

Alone in sentiment

When we are all connected by bounds of time and Smooth surrendering’s of selfish hoards

If knowledge is power, then please take a slice

Of yellow bright pure delight

Because I promise you can never go back

And unlearn a fact based tact-taste

Life-y life wondrous actuality

Because you see

It cannot possibly end with me

And if I feel I have any knowledge to impart

It is because of you




Running fast, steady


It was never meant to end with me

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