It Was Autumn

I took a walk today

And upon taking a step outside

I took a deep breath of autumn air

The smell of fallen leaves permeated it


There’s a crispness that is unlike any other season

A certain beauty in the changing of the leaves

A sense of peace and security that one always remembers

That brings back memories


I am wearing my leather jacket

With each stride I took I couldn’t help but smile

It was only a year ago

But I remember it well


I was wearing my leather jacket

We took breaths of autumn air together

It was chilly; the cold was almost bearable

And our love was young


It was warm in your arms

You too complained of the cold

And I remember it smelled just like this

The leaves changed into orange and reddish hues almost before our eyes


We sat outside

It was dark out and the stars were bright

But it was autumn and you sang to me that night

Swearing the entire time you couldn’t sing

But I could ask you to sing a thousand times more just to hear your voice


We were standing outside enjoying the starlight

It was after band and they told us to leave

We were the last ones in the parking lot holding each other

And we couldn’t bring ourselves to let go


We closed our eyes

There was a peaceful silence among us as we stood outside

A stillness made for eternity

Wrapped in our coats we stood in the autumn air

Embracing under the night sky

And that was the first time I said I love you


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