It Was Almost A Year

No regrets

No words to explain my thoughts,

my feelings,

my words.

Word’s I use to describe us

good emotions

bad emotions

things inbetween that were just too perfect to explain.

I imagined our future

but life as you know it

doesn’t happen like that

at least in reality.

The reality is

you left

but you never left me


I didn’t even know why we still talked

we always beat around the bush

we fought like old lovers

I the jealous ex

You the protective advisor

I the limit pusher

You the calm of the storm

We started over again after these tiffs

ignoring the white elephant in the room

nothing but a mere memories of the past.

The past

the many firsts

the many directions we had spun

and then


In the midst of my memories, our memories and whirry thoughts

I remembered why we stayed

I stared up at the sky

the stars were so bright

but so was the moon

I remembered

like the ying and the yang

you were the moon and I was your sun

my moon I look up to every night in the sky that we shared

still share



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