It Was About Love (Based on Still Alice by Lisa Genova)

The still of the silence keeps us apart

A loss for words causes the silence we keep

As I try not to weep

To break our wordless chains I read

I read to her about the feeling we can never lose

The feeling that keeps us warm when loneliness kills us slowly

The feeling that is the only bond strong enough

To not keep us apart

It is what I still feel for her

Even though I am now nothing in her eyes

Her memories of me all vanished to an abyss

With the disease eating at her even more

Than what I can take

It is what has kept me strong

And her alive


Although her yesterdays are disappearing

And her tomorrow's uncertain,

She tries to hold onto the feeling

I again tell her of


I ask unsure “What do you feel?”

Holding on

She mumbles more than words

“I feel love. It’s about love”


This poem is about: 
My family


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