Is it truly love?

You told him
You love him
You told him
Since day one
You guys cuddled
You laughed
You hugged
You kissed
One day something happens
You text him
He doesn't reply back
Maybe he is sleeping
You think to yourself
Three hours go by
Still no reply
You call him
He doesn't answer
You retext him
He answers
I'm busy' he says
She drops it
The next day
The same thing happens
Two days later
They hang out
She is talking
To him
She noticed something
He isn't staring
Into her eyes
Like he normally does
She finally asks
'Is everything ok'
'No' he replies back slowly
He hands her a note
She reads it
It breaks her heart
All of it was a guilt trip
Tears gather in her eyes
She tries to hold them in
They slowly escape.
He sees her crying
He reached over
And embraces her tightly
He mumbles an apology
For what he has done
He takes her home
After a while
She questions every
Relationship from
There onwards

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