Is it true what they say?

Is it true what they say?
When you love deep, deeper than the oceans,

Is it true what they say?
Loving someone is like drifting
and falling down the steep of a hill
So steep that you can not even see the fall coming.

Is it true what they say?
That loving someone can break parts of you that nothing and no one but love could break

How do I fix it?
How do I make their truth my lie?

Do I live or do I push aside?
Will happiness ever find me?
Will my heart ever be healed?
Who could tell me? Who could me the one to rescue me?

Alas! I am drifting,drifting so deep with this love,
This love that kept my heart abuzz like a working bee.

Though now I know its true, its definitely true what they say.
For I have felt this hurt,this love,this pain.
If it can make me drift then it is true what they say.

This poem is about: 
My family


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