It took me a while to see it,

It took me a while to see it,
I didn't want to believe it,
We both know we are fooling
It's time for us to admit it,
Let's free ourselves of the lies,
Of the fake "I love you's"
You can see it my eyes
I can see it in yours
It's not true
What we love is not what we love
We say these words because it's expected of us
And I say it back just to keep the tide flowing...
Who will step up to the plate first
Who will open the door of truth/reality
Who will tire of this false life/ relationship and seek to end it.
I'm thinking, maybe it should be me.
God sent me here to be a leader,
To right the wrongs
To bring to light what was once hidden in the dark,
Its my duty to save us of this burden
I hope you understand.
This is not healthy,
I just want to be wealthy in happiness,
Breaking chains is what is needed,
Like quantum physics.


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