It saddens me

It saddens me that you would cause me pain

pain in exchange for your pleasure

it's a wonder that u would call that love

i would never think of doing something of 

but I must awaken from my ignorance 

and examine the facts that life has presented me

its simply isn't possible for me to expect anything less

im delusion for expecting love

when it's obvious you don't even love yourself... So why?

Why do I continue to stay

Hoping pleading for something different its like I'm insane

 it's so obvious

your in love %100 with my body and %30 with my being

 it saddens me that you can not see the deeper me

 my pure being

its endless infinite

 its beyond nod and me and the same damn timme..

and I here I am fighting fire 

just to get close to you

cause I never felt the way I've felt with u

even if it's unhealthy I want more

 I want to convert a broken soul into something magical

theres a reason our paths crossed we are meant to exchange information equally

im east ur west. I'm north your south.

Help me out


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