It is Ours


United States
32° 55' 6.5136" N, 117° 8' 17.664" W


This time is ours,

It is ours to do with it what we will.

It is our time to sink or to float,

To crawl or to fly,

To live or to die.


This life is ours,

It is meant to be lived.

Fret not about the mirror or the scale,

Fear not for the future,

For it will unfold as it will.


The future is ours,

Ours to decide.

Though one person holds not the fate of the world,

Each person combined,

Determines their worth and their while.


Remember that time, life, and future are ours.

Float, fly, and live,

Do not fret or fear,

Determine your own worth,

Determine your own while. 


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