It is Not the End

As you lay in my arms

I look at your body

lifeless and cold

You had come back

It is him my love my one

standing there with the cold winter air biting our skin

The snow seeping into our clothes

I saw you and though I had changed

My memories had not

One night was not enough

but we had our whole lives

Didn’t we?

Those men who take you back they want you back but war is not only on the battlefield

It is in their heart

The sound of the gun rang through the forest

Falling and Blood and Cadaver

I will be strong

I will be strong

She will know the man her father was

The man I loved The man I lost


Lost and Found again

I saw her and I knew I was home

though she had changed I knew she still loved me

I had still loved her

One night was not enough

but we had our whole lives

Didn't we?

I heard sound of the gun

I felt the bullet in my chest

I felt pain in my soul

I saw the crows and the season blended into one

Pain and Sorrow would not last long

She would be strong

I knew in my heart

that she would be able to carry on


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