It Never Hits Me

Sun, 05/14/2017 - 02:40 -- jpuff

it never hits me

until it's too late


recess, playgrounds, field trips, museums, 

textbooks, classrooms, no A/C, Speech comp

teachers who teach, and those who teach you to teach yourself,

earning a trophy to place on the highest shelf

tears and burn-out, friends without a clue,

prom night, formals, dances, buffet food

standardized testing, resumes, recommendations,

and then comes


as if I am the only student in the nation

advancing to a higher education

and when will I see these faces, 

smiles, laughter, love, hugs, celebration,

expressions of joy, pride, and pain

when will I ever see them again?



it never hits me

until it's too late

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