Is it Me?

How did we grow apart?

Space between us far and wide

Like a valley, and empty void,

all becaue you lied, you lied to me

left in my heart are the crumbs of what I use to feel for you

I feel like a baby bird that fell out the tree

what happened to us?

You are my family, aren't you the one that's suppose to love me


How did this happen?

Why did this happen?

Is it me?


What am I to you?

Your baby girl?

Your child?

Your first born?

Your burden?

Your responsibility?

Or am I just another THING you have to pay?

Like a bill, or a car note?

No, I'm not

I'm a person, not a bill

I'm your daughter

I have needs... I have feelings

I feel pain, hurt, happiness, joy

I get emotional of course,

I mean I am a girl not a boy

But why do I feel you ignore me so much?

Do I not fit into your perfect family portrait?

Am I a secret? A mistake with an old fling?

Am I different than your other children?

Your never call.. what's your reason?

Is it me?


Am I not just as much yours as they are?

Do I not have your ears, your complexion, your smile?

Or is what I'm feeling just my imagination?

Am I overreacting?

Questions running through my mind, like they're in a race.

Feeling so out of place

I can't stand feeling this way

Something has got to change

I'll start with me




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