It Makes Me Happy

Seeing a female that's happy with who she is makes me happy.
Many of us were raised thinking that we belong in the kitchen, 
while the men are sitting on the couch chillin'.
Now, don't get me wrong, men can be productive, yes,
but why do women tend to be objectified against the press? 
Why is it that to many a women should only look a certain way? 
Because of this we've learned to be tough.
Tougher than any man who thinks he can be rough.
When a girl slaps a hand away from her behind,
that makes me happy.
When a woman stands up to the men who just catcalled her,
that makes me happy. 
When we, women, unite to protect each other,
that makes me happy.
When men finally realize that women weren't born to please them, 
that will make me happy. 


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